We are extremely competent with building high-performance and secure networks for voice and/or data. Our Wiring services include:

  • New Cabling
  • Cable Additions
  • Cable Upgrades
  • Other Cable services

These wiring services typically involve installing cable racks, patch panels, shelves, cable management, labeling, and certification which we will handle.

Omni Telecommunications Wiring services

At Omni Telecommunications Inc we work with traditional copper cable CAT5E and CAT6. We also work with fiber-optics cable. Each of these cables are suitable for different types of businesses depending on the needs of that business. CAT5E cable supports internet speeds up to 100mpbs whereas CAT6 cable supports internet speeds up to 1 Gbps. In case you need fiber-optics cable it can handle virtually any internet speed.

A majority of the wiring services that we provide our clients is connecting carrier services (AT&T, Comcast, etc…) into a customer’s infrastructure. Typically the carriers will only deliver service to a ‘demarc” (Demarcation point), where it is then the responsibility of the customer to wire the cabling from that point. This is were our technician(s) will take over and provide you with whichever service you need.

Here at Omni Telecommunications we do NOT over-sell and under-deliver network architecture. Expensive cables are faster however not all businesses need 1 Gbps internet speeds. We try to craft a solution that would meet your businesses’ needs rather than trying to provide you with equipment that it does not need.

Certain types of construction and facilities (like doctor’s office, day care, hospital, etc…) require special cable called plenum rated. Plenum rated cable will not give off toxic fumes if burnt.

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