Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, allows businesses to use a phone service through an internet connection. You may choose to use VoIP due to its cost-saving potential or its ability to use rich media services.

With VoIP, long distance and international phone calls become very inexpensive and users can also utilize rich media services like video calls.

VoIP also provides you with the option of phone portability. With a traditional phone system, you would need to call your phone company and ask for a new phone number if you were to change locations. This hassle can be avoided with VoIP. With VoIP, you have the option to use the same phone number virtually anywhere as long as there is a proper IP connectivity.

Omni Telecommunications also provides the option to implement what is known as a “hybrid” system. We offer this option with both Panasonic and NEC products. This type of system takes a traditional phone line and infrastructure and uses VoIP in a hybrid fashion for things like international calling, teleworkers, mobile workers, etc.

However, VoIP may not be right for every business, and Omni Telecommunications can help determine if it is right for you. Our experienced team meets with each and every customer and takes the time to gain a complete understanding of the needs, requirements, and expectations that are specific to their business. We can also offer a dependable telephony solution for specific applications.

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