Telephone Systems

Small and large business can immediately see the benefits of installing a new phone system. By investing in a new phone system, you can handle your customers’ calls not only quickly but also more efficiently.

In addition to increasing efficiency, a new phone system can also make your business appear more professional to your customers, at least in a virtual sense. The key is to implement a properly configured, programmed and planned system. This can allow you to shield your two person company so that it appears as large as Google if you’d like!

Telephone Systems West Palm Beach

Omni Communications can install new VoIP services on a VoIP enabled phones system so you can enjoy the same features as much larger companies.

With a new telephone system you can utilize such features as:

  • DID (Direct Dial to Desk)
  • UC (Unified Communications)
    • Voicemail to email
    • Virtual fax
    • IM/Chat
    • Presence
    • Integration with (top) CRM:
      • Outlook
      • ACT
      • Goldmine
      • Salesforce
      • Etc…
  • Cellphone/Softphone Integration

Hybrid Implementation

  • Digital @ premise
  • VoIP @ remote/satellite users
    • Softphone
    • Mobility

SIP/VoIP trunks/lines with ARS (Automatic Route Selection) for LCR (Least Cost Routing)

Generally speaking, domestic calls stay on traditional, free domestic lines but international calls routed via a VoIP phone system can cost a fraction of the cost!

Failover/Disaster Remediation

In the event of a problem at your primary location, calls can automatically and transparently be routed to alternative locations. This reduces downtime and allows for a seamless transition.

“Follow the Sun” routing

As the day progresses, calls can be routed geographically to different offices with different office hours and schedules.

High Definition Voice

Previously only available in the conference room. Now HD voice is on the desktop.

Call Center emulation

Even a small enterprise can have Call Center capabilities with:

  • ACD – Automatic Call Distribution
  • Skills based call handling
  • Advanced reporting
  • Call Recording
  • Call monitoring/coaching

For over 20 years, Omni Telecommunications has been installing new phone equipment for small to mid-size businesses in Palm Beach County, FL. We sell, service, maintain and install new and refurbished telephone systems and voice processing systems.

Request a consultation or call us at 1-800-989-8555 for more information.