The Relocation process is very similar to the Move, Add, Change (MAC) process. However the key distinction is that when dealing with relocation is that the move can cross-city, cross-state or cross-country. Depending on the scope of the relocation we might do it all, or coordinate with one or more of our many strategic partners around the country.

The relocation process includes:

•Surveying the existing location and system to see what’s there and what’s needed.
•Surveying the new location to see if cabling, infrastructure, etc… is required.
•A proposal of cost associated with the necessary changes.
•Scheduling of the Relocation.
•Implementation of the Relocation.

A few years ago a Move, Add, Change (MAC) was very common when you had 100 employees connected to 100 lines with the phone company. Now with PBX, we can remote in and make most if not all the changes.

Most MAC(s) today are a first class problem! The customer is growing and needs additional phones, resources, and cabling. Realistically this is identical on traditional PBX, IP PBX and/or hosted/cloud systems. An employee needing a phone, needs one whether it is on premise or hosted.