Phone programming is a very broad term. It can range from:

  • Name change for a designated line
  • Password reset for a voice mail box
  • Installing and building a system from the ground up,ect.


Programming is either done remotely or on-site depending on what the customer wants and needs. All of our systems today have the ability to program remotely. A few years ago, remote accessible systems were rare and generally on the high-end of the price spectrum. Today that has shifted 180 degrees. We simply assume every system will have remote. Now it’s more of a case of dealing with network security to access the system. To access a phone system on a customer’s LAN requires the customer allow us to access their LAN from outside. If not done properly and securely this is a HUGE liability.

Short of physically moving a phone from one place to another, we can do almost everything remotely. With IP hybrid systems, we can even provision a phone here or with our distributor and send it directly to you, the end consumer. After you receive the phone, all you have to do is simply plug it in wherever you want the phone. Then everything that you need us to do can be off site so you do not have to wait for us to physically come to your location. One of our customers for example has 100+ people here in West Palm, 30 in Tampa, 20 in Orlando and soon to be 80 in New York.