Interactive Whiteboard

Imagine an 80 inch tablet hanging on a wall or more commonly known as an Interactive Whiteboard.These boards are interactive between a projector, computer and the board itself.  Write on the board and you see what you have written appear on the board from the projector.  But that’s where the fun begins, because not only do you see it, but it is happening real-time in the connected PC. If you are working with a PowerPoint your board writing is a “layer” on top of the presentation.  You can share that with collaborators, store it, archive it, etc…. If a word or excel document, you can modify in real time.  You can write with one hand and erase with another.  You can write in different colors and line weight from the included electronic pen. 

Imagine your Monday morning meetings where you can outline the objectives for the week in a PowerPoint session. All of your employees can review it and make notes on the document, that will be stored and be available for future reference. Add this to remote workers with tablets and with high definition video conferencing and you now have a virtualized office anywhere on the planet. 

One of the great uses we see of an interactive whiteboard is a company in  Boca that sells airplane parts.  They buy and sell parts all over the world and have sales staff in numerous countries. They have a sales meeting once a month online, with this technology no different that if all were sitting in the office here.

The whiteboards are either wall mounted or on a mobile cart.  The wall mounted units are fixed.  They have adjustable wall mounts for ADA and/or educational markets wherein the board actually slides up and down on the wall depending on the height of the speaker/user. The mobile cart can be rolled from room to room as needed.