Hosted PBX

PBX stands for “Private Branch Exchange”, which has since evolved from its creation. PBX systems were first used by companies to aggregate the number of phone lines that the company needed and to make intercom calls without use the phone lines. However with the rise of VOIP most companies today have 1 line or VOIP CCS( Concurrent Call Session) for every 5 to 10 employees. It today’s modern world ISDN PBX systems replaced their earlier counterpart allowing for added features such as:

  • Intercom
  • Paging
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Holding
  • Call transfers
  • Conference Calling,etc.

Omni Telecommunications Inc has been actively involved in business class telecommunications since 1980. During our time of operation we have seen numerous shifts in technology that ultimately affect cost and efficiency. Let us use our experience and knowledge to craft a customized solution that will best serve your businesses’ needs for today, tomorrow, and the foreseeable future.

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