HD Video Conferencing

High Definition Video Conferencing (HDVC) allows people from different locations to communicate over high definition two way video and audio. It is different from other types of video call software because it is designed to serve multiple locations at a time rather than one single location.

HD Video Conferencing can cut down on the travel cost associated with your business by allowing you to have a virtual conference instead of traveling to the physical location.

Here at Omni Telecommunications we currently provide Panasonic HDVC. Some of the benefits that this product offers are:

  • Interoperability: This allows the system to be easily integrated into the current system.
  • Connect from Anywhere: The ability sync to a third party cloud application provider to use your HDVC from anywhere.
  • Wireless Communication: Connecting your HDVC to a wireless router allows the system to travel to anywhere the user is even if there are no LAN Cables such as a showroom or factory.

The clients that typically excel with High Definition video conferencing are those that have multiple geographic locations. The savings that arise from HD video conferencing are much easier to see when your travel between locations cut down. Other candidates that can excel with HDVC are Doctors that are practicing telemedicine.

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