Case Studies

Attorney 1

This customer started with Omni back in 2008. They were opening a small office here in West Palm Beach and were extremely nervous about making such an important technology decision. The company principal was very cognizant of the fact that phones are the lifeblood to their business. Good, dependable communications with clients and the courts was paramount to their success and survivability. This customer has grown from that humble beginning with 4 phone lines and 8 phones to now having more than 100 people working out of three different offices in 2 states. Omni implemented a Panasonic digital/ IP (VoIP) hybrid solution with unified messaging (Voicemail to email) giving the customer the maximum amount of flexibility and scalability as well as industry leading dependability.

Attorney 2

This customer had a unique application wherein they wanted to have three offices all interconnected on a single communications platform. The objective was to be able to field calls from any area code where the company had a presence, but at the same time be able to centralize the receipt of those calls to single receptionist voice-mail system at their headquarters office. Clients calling from Orlando dialed a local (407) number were answered in West Palm Beach and either handled here by the appropriate staff member or transferred on their own secure network to another office. This allowed the attorneys to travel between offices and still maintain a local presence. Net savings was in the thousands of dollars. One phone system for 3 offices, instead of 3, One voice-mail system, instead of 3, One receptionist instead of 3. And the savings continue today inasmuch as all the calls come in on VoIP (SIP Trunks) versus traditional phone lines. Outbound domestic calling is un limited and we are able to give them local phone numbers in virtually any rate center in the US.

Doctors Office

Utilizing VoIP, Omni was able to facilitate this medical practice to have three regional offices in South Florida serving the needs of their patients as needed, where needed. The physicians in this specialty practice routinely traveled between the main office and two satellite/branch offices throughout South Florida. Patients were scheduled when the specialist was in the office. Critical to their success was the ability for all the offices and staff to work and communicate as if in the next office, not the next county! Patients or hospitals would call the local office as they have always done, but due to the advantage of VoIP, the doctors could field calls as if they were in their home office.